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Martial Arts 

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Little Tigers Martial Arts


3 - 5 years old


Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday's


Tarpon Springs, Florida

Embark on an exciting martial arts adventure with our Little Tigers Classes at Haritos Martial Arts in Tarpon Springs, FL! Specially designed for children aged 3-5 years old, our Little Tigers Program introduces the fundamentals of martial arts in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

Benefits and Features:

Physical Development: "Our Little Tigers learn basic martial arts skills, improving their balance, coordination, and overall physical fitness."

Character Building:
Beyond physical skills, our program emphasizes values like respect, discipline, and confidence, helping young children grow into well-rounded individuals.

Safe and Fun Environment:
Classes are conducted in a playful, engaging manner, ensuring your child enjoys their learning experience while staying safe.

Class Structure:
Our classes are structured to keep young learners engaged with a mix of martial arts training, games, and educational activities.

Skill Progression:
We focus on age-appropriate skills, gradually introducing new techniques and challenges as our Little Tigers grow.

Experienced Staff:
Our dedicated instructors are experienced in working with young children, ensuring each Little Tiger receives personalized attention and guidance.

Child-Friendly Approach:
Instructors use positive reinforcement and motivational techniques to create a rewarding experience for each child.

Enroll your child in our Little Tigers Program today and watch them grow in strength, confidence, and discipline!


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