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Elevate Your Fitness with Haritos Martial Arts

Dynamic Group Classes in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Welcome to Haritos Martial Arts

Join our vibrant community and elevate your fitness to new heights

Discover the power of dynamic group classes in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Unleash your potential and achieve your fitness goals with us.

Online Programs

Transform Your Fitness Journey with Supportive Group Workouts

Train alongside passionate instructors and like-minded individuals

Foster a supportive and motivating environment

Challenge yourself in dynamic group workouts that push your boundaries

Experience the transformative power of training as a community.

Embrace the Challenge and Push Your Limits

Embrace the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone

Overcome obstacles and push your physical and mental boundaries

Develop resilience, perseverance, and a growth mindset

Achieve personal breakthroughs and discover your true potential.

5 AM

Group Workouts

  • Week Pass

    Join our dynamic group classes at Haritos Martial Arts W/ Mr. C
    Valid for one week
    • Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
    • 5:00 AM
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